eLearning Design Services

Converting your old boring training manuals into interactive and high engaging online training modules. Every industry has training needs and your employees and customers expect training to be engaging and memorable.


Redesign, Reinvent and Repurpose

Inbounder will Redesign, Reinvent and Repurpose your existing training program to be accessed online. We use powerful tools that makes transforming old training manual into user-friendly and mobile-responsive training guides. We work with training facilitators to design engaging and effective eLearning modules which can be accessed from anywhere using any device with internet access.

  • Customer Centric
  • Data Driven
  • Innovative

  • Collaborative
  • Agile
  • On-Going Support

Want to make courses accessible and responsive on multiple devices?

eLearning Solutions That Solves Business Problems

Instructional Design

We work with skills facilitators, copywriters and subject-matter experts to develop original training content customized to meet your training and accreditation needs. We combine our sound Instructional design practice, world-class visual design and expertise in various authoring tools to create great eLearning experiences.

Sales Training

Your sales force must have one voice when they go out to meet customers. Equip your sales force with a database of useful eLearning resources which are relevant and consistent. The sales team and channel partners need consistency in sales training, hence training needs to adapt to the ever changing market conditions.

Customer Support

Customer service plays a crucial part in your business. Creating the most memorable experience using eLearning technology requires the transformation of customer service training to focus on consistency, personalization, responsiveness and convenience. Create mini-series videos, FAQs and checklists to aid the customer service team.

Operations Training

To build a successful organization, you must first manage consistency in your operations department. Managing and updating your Standard Operating Procedures and ensuring that employees do follow them is a task many operations managers fail to implement. Create engaging step-by-step SOP guides that are easy to recall.

On-The-Job Training

How do you deal with employees who don't want to train new recruits? HR professionals across all industries are aware of how costly and challenging it can be to conduct on-the-job training. You can simplify the learning process by implementing blended learning, to build instructional, engaging and effective training lessons.

eLearning Content

Quality, engaging video content that will captivate your learners in the experience. We combine video, audio, graphics and texts to create high engaging video-based learning course content and assessments. We are experienced in elearning tools to tell a compelling story that will make the learner engage with the content.

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